We are accountable to you. It now requires a staggering 95% owner approval to change the commitments we are making in the Declaration Amendment, safeguarding your rights and ensuring that our promises stand firm.


Doubts about our performance? If you believe we're not up to the mark after 5 years, you hold the power to revert to the original Declaration. We're here to perform beyond your expectations.


Your condo ownership and investment are paramount. Rest assured, the earliest a condo termination could even be on the table is 2034, with complete transparency from AIR on unit ownership.


You asked for more control, and we listened. Non-AIR owners now exclusively hold the voting power on capital improvement assessments, ensuring your voice is central in major financial decisions.


Your influence is amplified with a guaranteed non-AIR board member, ensuring you have a direct line to board activities and a staunch advocate for your interests.


Want to change property management? The power is in your hands to initiate a change after 3 years, ensuring the South Tower truly serves your needs.

Protect Your Investment at the Flamingo

Join the Flamingo Forward Movement

As a fellow condo owner at Flamingo South Beach, we’re asking you to join in an effort to turn the South Tower around. This is an opportunity to: 
  • Lower overall costs with a $1,250 annual  reduction per unit, per year for up to 5 years. 
    This translates into a $25,000 increase in the value of your unit. 
  • Vastly improve the community experience for years to come.
  • Have more say on decisions affecting the South Tower. 


To learn more: 

Our Vision for the South Tower Delivers:

  • Prioritized upgrades, suitable insurance, and proper maintenance
  • Controlled operating expenses and assessments
  • Elimination of costs and financial risks of frivolous lawsuits
  • An experienced and proven management team
  • Satisfied owners, renters, and investors

Let’s Unite Now to Improve the Value of Our Investment

Flamingo South Tower owners are frustrated with:   

  • A building with substantial unmet capital needs. The property looks poor and run-down, especially when compared to the neighboring North and Center Towers.  
  • Inflated operating costs that will only continue to increase if they are not reined in. 
  • A severely underinsured property – only 64% of the current replacement value of the building is covered.  
  • Facing added costs and significant financial risks of ongoing, wasteful litigation initiated by the current South Tower leadership.  
  • Low resident satisfaction ratings at the South Tower compared to the rest of the Flamingo property. 


Many South Tower owners are worried—for themselves, their children and their grandchildren—that their investment is at risk.  

With proper leadership, the South Tower could flourish, just like the other Flamingo Towers already do.  

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Together, We’ll Make a Meaningful Difference

We are AIR Communities, owners and managers at the Flamingo North and Center Towers and unit owners in the South Tower. We have the experience and expertise to stabilize monthly assessments, efficiently meet the needs of our aging building, and drive down costs of the South Tower. But we have to start working together, now, united as owners.  

About AIR Communities

AIR Communities is a best-in-class multifamily real estate owner and operator. We manage over 100 high-quality properties across the United States, including the neighboring Center and North Towers at the Flamingo.
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How Does Current Management Compare?

At AIR Communities, customer satisfaction is the most important part of our mission. We utilize third parties to survey our residents regularly, so that our customers can provide feedback on where we are excelling and where we can do better. For the South Tower, not currently managed by AIR, resident satisfaction ranks lower in every category. 

Average satisfaction scores from January June 2023, ranked on a 1-5 scale with 5 being “most satisfied.”

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   Overall  Service Team  Office Team  Cleanliness  Sense of Community 
   Flamingo North and Center Towers
(AIR managed)
4.28  4.67  4.42  4.31  4.09 
   Flamingo South Tower
(HOA managed)
3.89  4.41  3.99  3.98  3.79 

Source: Resident satisfaction surveys gathered by a 3rd party independent organization, Kingsley Surveys.

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AIR Delivers Big Cost Savings

Greater Purchasing Power   

  • Because of AIR’s purchase volume, connections and experience, owners will pay less for the same goods and services.


Increased Efficiency  

  • Consolidating our management team under one of the most efficient and successful property management companies in the country ensures better operations and greater property values 
  • AIR is #1 among all its peers in cost control while providing award-winning customer service. 


Savings on Controllable Costs 

  • With AIR’s affiliate managing the building, we will commit to all owners to reduce the annual controllable operating costs of your HOA assessment dues by a fixed $1,250 per unit, per year, for up to five (5) years.
  • Building-wide, we can save owners $3.5M in controllable costs over those 5 years.


Proper Insurance Coverage & Premiums 

  • AIR can obtain more competitive premium costs for proper coverage of the entire building. If AIR had been allowed to include the South Tower in its national insurance program, we could have saved the owners nearly $140,000 in 2023 insurance premiums. 

What Current Residents Have to Say About AIR

Flamingo Forward AIR Communities People